Latest Graduate News

  • One of our recent grads, Matt is working at Drakes!

  • Kevin is working at the Coliseum in Fort Wayne!

  • Grad from just last Friday got offered 3 jobs and decided on Easy’s Right here in Castleton!

  • Three more grads with new bartending jobs! Dustin at Hawthorn Gulf Club as well as Keith and Jason are working at the new Casino in Shelbyville!

  • Hey guys! Just got news that Leanne is working at the Cadillac Ranch!

  • Desiree just let us know that she is bartending at The Sheraton in Indianapolis!

  • Way to Go Brian now bartending at Peppers on 56th street!

  • We just had Al Rock, Sam Spoerle, Katie Tyson, and Jake Crocker (all recent grad’s)  where all hired by The Brockway Dublin-Industrial Pub!!!!

  • Charles is now working at the JW Marriott Downtown!

  • MBS Grad Jason Opened a new bar Upper Room in Broad Ripple!

  • Congrats to Anastassia now working New Orleans on the AVE!

  • Rhonda is now working as the General Manager at 3D's!

  • Our recent graduate Erin justed helped open 3DS!

  • Congrats to Molly working at JW Marriott Downtown!

  • Past Midwest Graduate Trent is now the Bar Manager at Sonata Café & Bar!

  • Congratulations to Susan, now a Bartender at Easy’s Bar & Grille!

  • Mike is now bartending at Sonata Café & Bar!

  • Sue and Gail are now working At the Indiana Repertory Theatre!

  • Mahana is now working at the Stacked Pickle!

  • Jason just got hired on at Izakaya!

  • Rachel and Jack got hired at the just opened Night Club Tru in Indy!

  • Ryan is now the GM at Hearthstone coffee house and bar!

  • Dewayne is working at the Ritz Charles!

  • We just got word that two of our grads, Niki and Chris are working at the Hilton downtown!

  • Deloris is working at the Crown Plaza!

Learn Behind an Actual Bar

The Midwest Bartending School has classes to fit any schedule. We know that you have a life and other obligations. To that end we have 3 different class schedules to allow you to take the course in two weeks, five weeks, or for the dedicated, even one week.

Indianapolis Classroom Bartending Class In Session
Within each of these schedules you also have the option of choosing mid-day or evening classes during the week, or weekend classes for those with more rigorous schedules.
Day Class:

Click on the tabs below to see the individual class schedules.


Our morning class is held Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The morning class is two weeks in length.


Our night class is held Monday through Friday from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. The night class is two weeks in length.


Our weekend class is held every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The weekend class is three weeks in length.


The accelerated class option allows the student to take our standard 40-hour course in one week. The student takes two, 4-hour classes each day for 5 days.
The accelerated class is held Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm The accelerated class is one week in length.  The student may leave the school and return or stay in the classroom and study/practice.


The student may take any combination of day, evening or weekend classes until they complete the ten, 4-hour lessions required to graduate. The classes may be taken in any order after the first day.


Our Professional Mixology course is 40 hours in length. The course consists of ten 4-hour independent lessons that can be taken in any order.

Alcohol Awareness Class

We teach the state mandatory server training Alcohol Awareness Class. It costs $25 and is a mandatory two hour class. This class is open to the public. Please call the school for class times.

The school recognizes that adults have lives and commitments that may prevent them from attending one of our standard schedules. Regardless of your personal situation, if you want to attend our school and will make the effort to get here, we will work out a schedule for you. If you are in need of a special schedule, we will work one out for you during your personal interview with our enrollment director.